Just over five years ago, Barack Obama was inaugurated our 44th President. Chrysler received a four billion dollar loan to try and prevent the automobile manufacturer from going bankrupt. Newcomer Lady GaGa had the number one hit on the music charts, Just Dance.

About that same time a community benefit organization named Tri-County Association for the Blind took residence in the agency’s newly refurbished building at 1130 South 19th Street in Harrisburg.

The location had been a well-known commercial operation, the Davis Beverage Group, started in 1968. Davis manufactured bottled and canned soft drinks and carbonated waters at this location, and still does at their new facility. Tri-County had been located on 2nd Street but the building size limitations and the neighborhood ripe with crime were enough reasons to precipitate the move when the property was offered for sale.

Today, the 1130 South 19th Street address still receives mail for Tri-County Association for the Blind, just as the Davis name still pops up from time to time in reference to the location. But now the name outside of the entrance is Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania.

Everyone associated with Vision Resources is understandably realistic that it will take a little time for the proverbial dust to settle on the old name, especially since it was adopted in 1943.

Since January 2013, Only the Name has Changed has become the organization’s positioning slogan. The agency plans to remain Vision Resources for a long time because the new name best describes who we are and what we do. Vision Resources enlarged its service and added Franklin County during the five years since the move. In 2012 a new Low-Vision Clinic for clients was added to the new facility. Expanding businesses opportunities and employment for individuals of disability, created even more facets to the non-profit that began 93 years ago. The name change made sense.

The past five years has been one of those periods where time has passed in what seems like an accelerated pace. Keeping busy finding new ways to be the premiere resource for blindness prevention services, and to maximize opportunities for individuals who are blind and visually impaired to maintain independence, is the organizational Vision. Five years from now Vision Resources will be busy planning its centennial celebration. You are invited to learn more about their mission and be a part of the first 100 years of making a difference for our region.

www.vrocp.org           (717)238-2531           1130 S. 19th Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104-2912