November is American Diabetes Month

For some, the month of November can be referred to as “no shave November”, or possibly the beginning of the Holiday season, but at Vision Resources, November brings to mind Diabetes and how this disease that affects nearly 30 million Americans can also affect the health of their eyes. Individuals living with diabetes are at a greater risk to develop Glaucoma, Cataracts and Retinopathy.
Diabetics, and anyone for that matter, can take the following steps to avoid eye problems:
1. Controlled Blood Sugar. Keeping your blood sugar as close to the normal range as possible, greatly decreases your chances of developing retinopathy and takes away the temporary blurred vision that is also caused by high blood sugar levels.
2. Controlled Blood Pressure. High blood pressure can make eye problems worse.
3. Quit smoking. No explanation needed…
4. Routine Eye Exams. It is recommended that individuals with diabetes see an eye care professional at least once a year for a dilated eye exam. Only an optometrist and ophthalmologist can detect the signs of retinopathy and only an ophthalmologist can treat retinopathy.
5. Call your eye care professional if you experience any changes in your vision such as blurriness, double vision, pain or pressure in eyes, eyes are red, seeing spots or floaters or less peripheral vision.
As with any health concern, early detection is key to the successful management of eye disease. Vision Resources has literature available as well as resources to help with these issues. Please contact us at 717-238-2531.