Making a Difference

One way we make a difference… Nancy Altemose, Director of Services, came to me following our last support group meeting to mention that one of our members, Ruth Barnes, who is almost 88 years old, wanted to say how pleased she was with the Visiting Artist that entertained that day. His name is Ben Nebroski and Ruth said “she so enjoyed his story-telling; he has such a way of telling a story” that it touched her. She also liked how he “got everyone’s attention between stories by playing his flute”.

This opened a conversation about other Visiting Artists and the support group in general. Ruth said she has thoroughly enjoyed all of the other artists, especially the harpist, a member of the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra because she said, “the music brought back memories childhood”…pleasant memories. She also mentioned that the other person that made an influence on her was our visiting Tai Chi instructor. He taught, in order to learn or practice the discipline of Tai Chi one must learn how to breathe correctly. So he demonstrated to the members how to breathe and relax. Ruth was very excited to say, “she has been applying the techniques since the class and has seen improvements, and feels it has helped her and her heart condition”. She said she would like to see this instructor return to teach some simple movement exercises.

When I mentioned I would see her in August for the next support group session she remarked, “that is so far away”. She said that because she said the sessions are so important to her to be able to come to Vision Resources, learn and try new things that are not available to her where she resides. She also likes the time to socialize with her peers and she “so very much appreciates the VROCP staff and all that the organization does to make her life better”.