Summer Camp

“I enjoy the camp I go to very much!…It is such a great feeling to be around friends and with people who share common interests with me. It’s fun for everyone and a great way to relax, meet new friends, and to just hang out.  All in all, camps are just fantastic.”

“Going to camp every year is a big highlight of my summer vacation. For four to five days of a set week during the summer, kids of varying ages congregate and engage in numerous exciting and fun-filled activities… Between making friends, having fun and just getting a chance to relax, camp is a great way to spend a week of one’s summer.”

These two accounts of summer camp experiences are quite similar and were both written by 16 year old boys. It appears both boys enjoy their time at summer camp by making friends, relaxing and having fun.   Are they attending the same camp?

The first account was written by Trevor, who annually attends boy scout summer camps.  The second was written by Lucas who attends Vision Resources summer camp for students who are legally blind.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the camps at Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania. The program is run by Nancy Altemose, Director of Services at Vision Resources. The main purpose of our camps is to expose students, who are legally blind, to developmental and sensory activities that encourage them to push their comfort boundaries in the context of fun.  One original camper is now a college graduate who did not forget us and volunteers as a part time receptionist.

Vision Resources 2013 Teen camp hosted 7 campers, including Lucas, who spent time at Little Buffalo State Park, swimming, hiking and barbecuing. They took a CPR/First Aid/AED class, visited Chocolate World, attended a movie with descriptive audio and much more. Our Kids Camp hosted 5 campers who enjoyed experiences at Wilbur Chocolate, Sturgis Pretzels, Bounce U, Little Buffalo, Verdant View Farms and camping.

Summer camps have long provided children with a safe, fun environment and an opportunity to try new things and make new friends.  Vision Resources is proud to offer our campers the same experience, as opposed to a different one.DSC03033 DSC02939 DSC02954 DSC02973